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How to Cut 70% of Your IT Budget

Nathan Joyes |

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I can just imagine the early conversations following the invention of the telephone… ‘It’s pretty interesting, but I’m not sure that it will have much impact… I could talk to my cousin in Toledo, but then again, I’m going to take a trip to see her in the fall’.  World changing technology is seldom recognized as such at its inception.  Having been involved with the world wide web from its infancy, I had the opportunity to hear these types of comments first hand.  I spoke with a colleague about the importance of the Internet and how it will change the world and he insisted that it would not have any significant impact.  He was already a user of email and an occasional web surfer, but he argued that he could easily function without ever having a need for the internet.  Several years had passed when I was copied on an email that this colleague had sent to his CFO.

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