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Enterprise Software... Buy or Build?

Nathan Joyes | | Comment (1)

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This article from the Globe & Mail tweaked my interest, because I used to develop a lot of enterprise manufacturing software years ago.  Our focus has shifted to implementing our group purchasing software for buying groups, franchises and co-ops, but our customers today face the same dilemma: should I try to fit into an existing software solution, or develop a custom application that meets my specific needs?  The right answer may be both!

Start with an existing cost-effective solution that gets you most of
the way there and then add some customization to address your unique
requirements. Here are some highlights from the experts in this

Robert Warren, Executive Director for Entrepreneurship, Asper School of Business, University of Manitoba

The problem with making it yourself is that it can be a long and very
frustrating process as you implement the program and then work through
all the bugs.

Merril Mascarenhas, Managing Partner, Arcus Consulting Group

Most off-the-shelf technology is… one size fits all, which is quite
frustrating.  But you need to start there.  …find a company that’s
willing to add a layer on top that reflects the challenges your
organization is facing.  Make sure they have knowledge of the industry.

Ross Pinkerton, Founder and CEO, ERA Canada

I would definitely look for an existing cloud-based solution as
opposed to customization… you can save 60 to 70 per cent of the cost by
buying a program that already exists.

Here's the article: Off-the-shelf technology or a custom design?

What have been your experiences with off-the-shelf versus custom software? Leave your comments below...

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#1 Andi on 2012-08-26 13:11 (Reply)
Cloud as a Service is feasible to aynnoe as long as you know what you want.I'd like to live my life with a smile and usually use the above type of examples. In this video John Cleese is really spot on when he compares a laptop with a dead fish. In over 30 years in IT business I have learned that religious' choices and hidden agenda's oftentimes have companies make really bad decisions. When focusing on the Cloud, there are many ways to do it wrong, but as many ways to do it right. Come back to this website as often as you can. I might be able to help you. Cloud as a Service could be a dead fish or a brilliant solution to many of your problems.

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