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The History of Interprise Software

Nathan Joyes | | Comment (1)

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In this video, I talk about:

  • the history of Interprise Software

  • the cloud computing revolution

  • Interprise Software’s growth over the years

  • our best-of-breed supply chain management system

  • the reason we focus on buying groups, franchises and cooperatives

  • our approach of implementing software as a service (SaaS)

  • what motivates us to do the things we do

We did some market research and found individual solutions for things like e-commerce, EDI document exchange, rebate calculations, accounting & finance, member websites and what not, but there was no single integrated approach to automate the entire supply chain for a group purchasing organization.

Since this is our first video production, I’m interested in...

...your feedback. What stood out to you as something that you liked or disliked about the production? We want to improve, so leave your comments in the box below.

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#1 Lettie on 2012-12-06 11:06 (Reply)
Thank you explaining cloud computing. I’ve used Outlook Exchange for awhile now, but I have recently started looking into applications based in the cloud, like Evernote. When it comes time for me to purchase an EMR/EHR, I will definitely need to look hard at those that are cloud based.

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